How to Clean Junk Files from Your Computer/Laptop

When you run a program or download files from the Internet, it automatically generates junk files. Temporary data, browsing history, caches, and cookies are all junk that clutters your computer and consumes unnecessary memory. It is a reason for slowing down your PC. Every computer user wants a faster PC. 
It is necessary to clean these temporary files from your systems. For this purpose, you can use some cleaner software like CCleaner. I do not recommend using third-party tools. 
I would like to recommend to use these manual methods.

How to Clean Junk Files from Your Computer/Laptop


Clean junk files with Run

The following are the Run commands for cleaning junk folders.
(Win + R is the shortcut for opening Run)
Start >> Run >> Temp >> Ok / Enter >> Ctrl + A >> Shift + Delete 
Start >> Run >>%Temp% >> Ok / Enter >> Ctrl + A >> Shift + Delete
Start >> Run >> Recent >> Ok / Enter >> Ctrl + A >> Shift + Delete
You can speedy your system by below command
Start >> Run >> TREE >> Ok / Enter 

Clean Junk Files with .bat file

If you think the previous method is long, so you didn’t like the previous method. 
Don’t worry I am telling you a new method. 
For this, you need to make a .bat file once. After that, you can clean your junk files in less than a minute. 
Follow these steps to make a .bat file:
  • Copy the following code 
@echo off 
rd /s /q %windir%temp 
md %windir%temp 
del /s /f /q %windir%Prefetch*.* 
rd /s /q %windir%Prefetch 
md %windir%Prefetch 
del /s /f /q %windir%system32dllcache*.* 
rd /s /q %windir%system32dllcache 
md %windir%system32dllcache 
del /s /f /q "%SysteDrive%Temp"*.* 
rd /s /q "%SysteDrive%Temp" 
md "%SysteDrive%Temp" 
del /s /f /q %temp%*.* 
rd /s /q %temp% 
md %temp% 
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsHistory"*.* 
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsHistory" 
md "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsHistory" 
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files"*.* 
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files" 
md "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files" 
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemp"*.* 
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemp" 
md "%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemp" 
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%Recent"*.* 
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%Recent" 
md "%USERPROFILE%Recent" 
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%Cookies"*.* 
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%Cookies" 
md "%USERPROFILE%Cookies" del /s /f /q %windir%temp*.*
  • Create a new notepad file and paste the following code in this file. 
  • Save as this notepad file as .bat extension for example ( cleaner.bat)
  • Now close notepad and run .bat file as administrator  
Command Prompt will start cleaning your junk files. 
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