How to Earn Money Online Daily Without Investment

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By Shakeel Qureshi

Today I am going to tell you How to Earn Money Online Daily without Investment. I’ll recommend some trusted and genuine websites that can pay daily or weekly basis. You can choose some of these websites for a full-time job and some are for making extra money in your free time. 
These websites will help you to earn online daily in the time of lockdown. 

How to Earn Money Online Daily Without Investment

How to Earn Money Online Daily Without Investment


Fiverr is the most popular freelance platform where you can offer all kinds of services as a freelancer such as a web designing, web development, business coaching, social media coordinator, digital marketing, blog posting, editing and proofreading, graphic design, internet research, digital marketing, SEO consultant, email marketing, writing, copywriter, e-writing, translators, teaching/guidance, audio transcription, branding services, logo design, virtual assistant, data entry, photography, video editing, etc. And earn money online daily. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is an Amazon service where you can complete simple tasks for a small fee. For example, you can look at a picture and describe it in ten words for $0.10. You can complete a multiple-choice survey for $ 0.25. You may be asked to write a review for $1.50. The tasks available through this website are mainly fast and very simple. You will be paid when you complete the given tasks. You can transfer your earning when you want to transfer. 


CrowdSource is comparable to Amazon Turk. It has more task availability than Amazon Turk. You can get tasks in writing, researching, testing, data entry, transcription, etc. The work is short and fast. You will be get paid daily when you perform the tasks. 

Slice the pie

Slice the pie is a website, where you can earn online daily for writing reviews and listen to music. Only you have to write quality reviews to earn up to 1 dollar per music. You can also earn extra money by joining their share- to-earn program. You can withdraw your income with your Paypal when you reached 10 dollars. Only listen to music and write reviews is an excellent way to earn additional money but it’s not a replacement for full-time work.
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Earn Money with TranscribeMe 

TranscribeMe allows you to get a transcriptionist job. Transcriptionist converts any type of audio content into very accurate text. It also includes the content of one or more speakers. For this, you must have good typing and listening skills. It’s a great way to increase your income. They will ask you to take an exam to prove your accuracy with the audio transcript. is another website for earning online daily with transcribing. It is a perfect opportunity for new transcriptionists looking to gain experience before looking for full-time employment. The site offers short online transcription work and pays a flat rate of $ 10 per audio hour. Although the income may be lower than other sites. Some advantages of Scribie include monthly bonuses and promotion chances. Scribie pays via PayPal with no minimum withdrawal limits, so employees can withdraw money when they need the funds. 

Earn Online Daily with UserTesting

UserTesting is a genuine website where you can make money by completing testing tasks. It’s not a scam. Nor does it ask you to pay anything as a registered tester. They have a very simple registration and work process. If you want to become a tester on UserTesting, you have to submit a sample test that will be review by the UserTesting team. If you have passed the test, you will become a tester on this website. You get test tasks based on your profile. You can earn up to $60 per test. All payments are made through a PayPal account
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There are many other websites on the internet where you can earn money online daily. In this article, I have mentioned a few websites by which you can Earn Money Online Daily. Possibly, I skipped many websites that pay daily. If you know about any trusted website which I have forgotten mentioning, you can share it with us by commenting on this article. 
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